Participants will swim in a rectangular closed course located in the Virginia Key bay. Although it is still ocean waters, it’s very calm due to its geographic location. No boats will be allowed in the area. Participants will follow the buoys which should be on your right side. The swim course is set up for both the Olympic and the Sprint event. Sprint participants will swim around the inner buoy’s which are closer to the shoreline while Olympic athletes will swim around the farthest buoys. There are several water safety personnel monitoring the swim course. If you need assistance, make sure to wave your hands over your head.
Usually, water temperatures do not warrant wet suite legal limits by USAT regulations. The temperature reading will be done one hour prior to the start by a USAT official and posted at packet pick up.
Wave start times can be found under “Athlete Info.”
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Participants will enjoy the amazing views of Miami’s downtown skyline, Port of Miami Cruise Ships and the Key Biscayne Bridge while cycling on the Rickenbacker Causeway. This bike course is the most popular one in Miami. After exiting the Transition Area, participants will exit Marine Stadium onto Rickenbacker Causeway. The bike course consists of one 12.4 mile loop for Sprint participants and two 12.4 mile loops (total 40k) for Olympic participants. Olympic participants must ride on the left side of the lane when continuing on loop two. All Participants prior to finishing should proceed in the right lane so you can turn into Marine Stadium to the transition bike finish. NOTE: There will be approximately 25 feet of tight cones which separate the lanes and you will NOT be able to the change lanes while in this area. ALL PARTICIPANTS ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR KEEPING TRACK OF HOW MANY LOOPS THEY HAVE COMPLETED. Please plan ahead and know the course so you do not create an unsafe situation or delay your time. There will be two water bottle exchanges for Olympic athletes.
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The run course is on a path that wraps around the Virginia Key bay. It goes through a beautiful, shaded area protected by natural vegetation. It is free of traffic and only accessible to runners. It will be an out and back course for Sprint participants. Olympic participants will complete two loops. One aid station will be provided at every mile.
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  .25 mile swim, 12.4 mile bike, 3.1 mile run

  1.5K swim, 40K bike, 10K run