The Course



The swim will take place in Larry and Penny’s crystal-clear lake.   It will start on the west side of the beach; Participants will go around the first buoy which should be on your left side when making the turn and the remaining buoys keep on your right side. The swim course is set up for both the Olympic and the Sprint events.  Sprint participants will swim around the inner buoys while Olympic athletes will swim around the farthest buoys. Thereare several water safety personnel monitoring the swim course.  If you need assistance, make sure to wave your hands over your head. The temperature reading will be done one hour prior to the start by a USAT official and posted at packet pick up.  Wet suits are allowed if the water temperatures warrant wet suit legal limits by USAT regulations.  Wave start times can be found under “Athlete Info.” Participants will encounter a water station between the swim exit and the transition area.


The Bike Course will go through farmland areas of unincorporated Miami-Dade County (the Redlands), all on paved roads of course, and will encounter very little vehicular traffic. The Sprint race is 14 miles, and the Olympic race is 22 miles. The course will be well marked with arrows at each intersection and arrows painted on the pavement. There will also be police controlling traffic at each intersection where riders would normally stop for a stop sign or traffic light and at each intersection where the course turns. All bikers will travel south from 127 Avenue to 216 street. Continue west on 216th street until the turnaround at 169 Ave. 

SPRINT RACERS stay to the LEFT travel back east on 216th street to 127th avenue and towards the transition. 

OLYMPIC RACERS stay to the RIGHT side of the return lane in order to make the right turn at 167th Avenue and 216th Street.

Continue on 167th Avenue to 264th Street.  At 264th Street head East (left) to 157th Avenue.  Turn around is at 264th Street and 157th Avenue.  Head back to 167th Avenue and make a right turn to 216th Street.  On 216th Street head East (right) to 127th Avenue.  Make a left turn on 127th Avenue and head towards the transition.


We have saved the best for last – the RUN! It is on all paved paths, but you may encounter some large tree roots. Be extra careful with those ankles. Sprint athletes will complete one loop (3.1 miles) while Olympic athletes will complete 2 loops (6.2 miles). The course winds through the back paths in the woods and then loops back through the woods, around the large lake you swim in, and then directly into the finish for Sprinters.

Olympic athletes should veer to the left and continue loop 2. There is some shade along the course and beautiful wildlife vegetation. Please follow the same sides of the path as road traffic as the path is narrow in some places. There will be water stations at every mile.


We are excited to announce that we will be adding a Sprint duathlon this year for athletes who do not want to swim. The distance will include a 1 mile run to start, and then the same bike and run course as the Sprint Triathlon (14 mile bike and 3.1 mile run).