Rules and Regulations

This race will be USAT Sanctioned and all USAT rules will be in effect.  There are trained referees on the course to ensure fairness during the Competition. There will be NO WARNINGS if you violate a rule during the race. Participants must take personal responsibility to understand the rules and avoid penalties. All citations by the marshals are reviewed by the Head Referee following the race, who then decides if a penalty should be assessed. The Head Referee’s ruling is final in the case of position violations. 

The most commonly violated rules are: 

1) Helmets are mandatory while riding the bike (BEFORE, DURING, and AFTER the race). Helmet must be buckled or strapped on. This is a DISQUALIFICATION penalty. 
2) Headphones are not allowed at any time. On the bike it is a DISQUALIFICATION penalty for endangerment. On the run it is a variable time penalty for Unauthorized Accessories. 
3) No drafting will be allowed while on the bike. You must stay 3 bike lengths away from the person in front of you. You have a 15 second window to execute a pass. 
4) Pass only on the left while on the bike. 
5) No blocking – Stay to the right side except when passing. 
6) Do no cross the yellow line around corners on the bike. 
7) No outside assistance will be allowed in the transition area. You also may not have someone else pace you to the finish line on the run. 
8) Handlebar ends must be plugged to lessen the chance of injury in a fall. This is a DISQUALIFICATION penalty. Please ask for a plug from one of the bike shop vendors. 
9) You may not leave anything on the course (i.e. water bottles, gel wrappers, SWIM CAPS). Everything should return with you to the transition area or be disposed of at an aid station. 
10) You must run or walk your bike out of and into the transition area. You may not ride in the transition area. 
11) Your bike must be racked on the bike rack assigned for your race number. It must be racked either by the seat or brake levers. 
12) You must wear your running race number on the front of your body during the run segment. Your bike number must be clearly visible at all times on your bike. You must also be body marked with your race number on both arms and thigh. 
13) If you are allergic to the latex swim cap, please see the race referee prior to your swim start so that you won’t be penalized for not using it. 
14) Athletes’ age groups are determined by their age on December 31st of the current year. This is a USAT rule so that you do not change age groups in the middle of the year. 
Variable time penalties are 2 minutes for the first offense, 4 minutes for the second offense, and disqualification for the third.