Race Packet Pick Up & Athlete Info Pack

Race Packet Pick Up

Pre-Race Packet Pick Up: (Athletes are strongly encouraged to pick up their packets early and attend the Info Clinic)

Mack Cycle & Fitness 
5995 Sunset Drive
Miami, FL 33143

Friday, February 25th from 2:00 pm to 7:00 pm
Saturday February 26th from 10:00 am to 2:30 pm

First Timers and Info Clinic: 1:00 – 2:00 pm. 

You must present a photo ID and current USAT membership card. Those participants that are not current USAT members will have to purchase a one-day license for $15.00 (CASH ONLY). Only the athlete who is racing can pick up their packet. ALL RELAY TEAM MEMBERS MUST BE PRESENT TO PICK UP THEIR PACKET. 

Whether it’s your first or twenty first race, you will learn valuable pieces of information to make your racing experience more rewarding.

We encourage all participants, especially first timers, to come to the race clinic to hear all the information for the race. 

Athlete Info Packet


There are two race numbers in your race packet that you are required to display during the event. 

BIKE: The bicycle frame number MUST be attached to your bike with the race number clearly visible from both sides of the bike. 

RUN: The paper run number MUST be displayed during the entire run segment on the front of your body. Pin your run number to your shirt, swimsuit, or race belt with the four safety pins provided in your race packet. Do not cut, fold or alter your race number at anytime. 


Body marking will take place from 5:40-6:45 am on race morning at the entrance to the Transition Area. You will NOT be permitted in the Transition Area without your body marked. If you plan on applying lotion or sunscreen to your body, please wait until after you have been body marked. BODYMARKING WILL CLOSE PROMPTLY AT 6:45 DUE TO THE OLYMPIC RACE STARTING AT 6:40. FAILURE TO BE BODYMARKED BY 6:45 MAY RESULT IN NOT BEING ABLE TO PARTICIPATE.


Our official Race Photographer is Diego with Diego A Ferradas Photography. After the race they can be found at this link here: OFFICIAL RACE PHOTOS. If you are looking for our archive of past race photos, look at the website’s top menu bar or click Here.


The official swim cap found in your race packet MUST be worn during the entire swim. This cap is provided for your safety during the swim. Do NOT trade your swim cap with another athlete, as the caps are color-coded to assist race management. You must start in your designated swim wave. 


The use of wetsuits during the swim segment will be allowed if the water temperature on race morning is 78.0 degrees or less. If the water temperature exceeds 78.0 degrees but is less than 84.0 degrees, an athlete may wear a wetsuit but will not be eligible for awards or prizes. If the water temperature is above 84.0 degrees, wet suits are prohibited. 


Only participants who have their timing chip and are body marked will be allowed access to the Transition Area. You must have your bike frame number attached to your bicycle before you’ll be permitted to bring your bike into the Transition area. TRANSITION AREA WILL BE CLOSED AT 6:45 AM DUE TO THE START OF THE OLYMPIC RACE. YOU MUST HAVE YOUR BIKE RACKED BY 6:45 AM AND LEAVE THE TRANSITION AREA. FAILURE TO HAVE YOUR BIKE RACKED BY 6:45 AM MAY RESULT IN NOT BEING ABLE TO RACE. 

For safety reasons during the race, you are not permitted to ride your bike into or out of the Transition area. You MUST walk or run your bike while in the transition area. There will be marked mount and dismount lines. Please watch out for other athletes as you move through the transition area and follow the instructions of race officials and volunteers. Please do not bring any glass containers into the transition area. 

All relay team members will have access to the Transition area. Relay teams must pass the timing chip to their teammates at their bike rack spot in the Transition area. 

Each participant is required to wear an approved helmet during the bike segment. You MUST have your helmet securely fastened on your head before you mount and dismount your bike. Be sure to view the Rules listed below so that you do not receive a bike penalty. 


Swim: Participants will pass 1 aid station between the swim exit and the transition area. 

Bike: Olympic participants will have a bottle exchange on the course. Sprint participants should carry enough liquid with them to complete their 14 mile bike course. Participants will hit an aid station immediately after exiting transition starting the run. 

Run: Participants will pass 3 aid stations (double loop for Olympic=6) at each mile on the run course. One will be immediately after exiting the transition area.




Due to the hot weather, you need to drink lots of fluids! You will have volunteers at the aid stations. Call out what drink you want.